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Keep an Account; Where it Count

Posted Jan 29 2016

FRANCHISING APRILOur banking system offers a unique service to everyone. They “guard” your money, and instead of paying them for the service rendered, they even “pay” you with interest per month. On the face of it, you may feel that you’ve won not once but twice for getting these two (2) benefits. And you are assured of your money’s safety and availability when you need it, where you need it, if we are to consider their extended service where withdrawal of funds may be facilitated in any branch nationwide. You are even extended with privilege for credit and loans. While they allow you to earn a minimal amount for your savings, they get everything back by imposing service charges or interest from all angels. Not to mention, forfeiture over a period of time for failure to meet the required minimum deposit.

Surviving the cost entailed in everyday living proves to be challenge one has to bear. You may opt to depend from your savings’ interest or your monthly source of income, but meeting the basic necessities does not make up for a complete and satisfying lifestyle. The answer?  Invest. Invest. Invest. Where it count.

If you are new to investing, the challenge of choosing where to put you hard earned money is not an easy task. FRANCHISING is a modern solution to finding the right investment. While studies show that franchising is not for everyone. Your motivation, interest or personality is important to the success of this endeavor. For example, if you have a limited business experience or enjoy working within an established system, then franchising could be for you. Or if you have penchant for food and you wish to share the experience, then food cart or restaurant business becomes an avenue where you share what you feel while earning. Or if you are interested in interior design or home make-over projects, then, franchising San-Yang Furniture becomes a worthwhile activity that could bring in revenues more than what you can imagine.

San-Yang Furniture is one of the leading brands in the industry. For the past few years, it enjoys the privilege of being the top selling brand in all supermarkets and department store nationwide. Great demand for San-Yang Furniture products from mere laminated furniture brought upon its evolution so that it now offers different furniture for all rooms in the house. It’s more than a thousand varieties could be made of laminates, fabric, solid wood, steel, tempered glass, duo finish materials, plastic or combination of any of the above. Apart from its wide selection, it can also cater to bulk orders at any given time.

Today, there are nine (9) San-Yang Furniture showrooms that are directly owned and operated by the company. And since it goes hand in hand with the construction boom which is predicted to be at its peak in the next 10-15 years, the need to expand the business becomes wants to share to all interested individuals who wants to put their money where they are assured of unlimited income and an open and growing market to fill.

Investing in San-Yang Furniture is unique because it provides a tested business system that anybody can just execute and selling the product is not an issue because there is a great demand for furniture nowadays. Apart from this fact, the company also gives full assistance in all aspects of the business for the whole franchise term. The Franchise was developed by RK Franchise Consultancy. Furniture is easy and has the following simple requirements:

Franchise Fee  : 500,000
Royalty Fee      : Not Applicable
Contract Term : 5 years
Space Requirement : Minimum of 100 sq.m.
Capital Requirement : 1.5M – 2M

Inclusive of:

-  Use of San-Yang Furniture trade mark, name and logo
-  Comprehensive franchise operations manual
- Franchise, management team and staff training
- Nationwide and local marketing
- Market research and development
- Site selection and evaluation assistance
- Pre-opening and grand opening assistance
- Procurement program
- Periodic visit and business review with the head office sales and marketing team

To know more about the program, you may call (02) 293-4333 to 39 and look for Evette Dela Cruz for San-Yang Furniture franchise consultation. Be the first to know, the first to grow!.