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Superbrands (San-Yang Furniture)

Posted Jan 29 2016

The Market

It is such a good feeling knowing one can go home and immediately lie down in a soft and comfortable sofa after the long day’s work- this setting is what everyone wants to experience. The thought of being able to invest your needs is pleasurable! But the truth of knowing these things are obtainable is even more astounding! San-Yang Furniture has long-been existing and providing consumers affordable yet quality furniture. It is a brand silently helping people build their dream houses with memories to be kept forever. One might not know, he has San-Yang in his house!

 San-Yang Intertrade Corporation is a proud pioneer of know-down furniture. The company takes pride in its wide-array of house and office furniture that cater to the middle-income market. The first clientele of the brand started with homeowners that needed simple but sturdy and functional home furniture.  Over the years it eventually grew to include early nesters that need an entire bedroom, living room and dining room set for their newly bought house; and corporate offices that look for cost efficient items. Currently the company includes interior designers, student-designers and property managers among its growing patrons.


From its humble beginnings, San-Yang Furniture’s market reach now expands to all corners of the country. Its steadfast determination has brought the company to a lot of open doors. Transactions were pulled through concession setups in department stores and supermarkets. Major client SM, Puregold, Robinsons, Abenson Homeplus and Gaisano. The company also opened its own stores at Market Market, Uniwide, Festival Alabang and Limketkai Cagayan. The purpose of making it nationwide was abruptly attained. All of these are result of ambitious and aggressive faith of making it big in the furniture business.
 In 2012, the company is awarded Superbrand status in recognition of its excellence in its particular industry and commitment to quality product and service to its customers.


It was the year 1996 that marked the humble beginnings of this furniture company. It was then called AAA Commercial, which started with mini closets and small plastic products. In 1999, it diversified into importation of know-down furniture, which includes cabinets, bookshelves, and wardrobes. After some time, the company eventually brought to the country high-end pieces from Southeast Asian countries and China. These top-of-the line pieces include dining set, living room, and entertainment sets and also bedroom furniture. It was in 2001 that the name San-Yang Intertrade Corporation was born.

 Spearheaded by business partners Mr. Tomas Cua and Mr. Tony Sy, the company established its commitment of providing customer satisfaction through quality and affordable furniture products. The leaders remained driven and steadfast to their commitment throughout the years. The strong leadership supported by a motivated workforce was the key to the undeniable success of the company.

The Product

San-Yang Furniture is a product that fills in the typical Filipino home. It aims to provide furniture without spending too much. The promise of affordability however does not compromise quality. Affordability plus quality is the success formula of San-Yang. It firmly believes that these two can ensure customer satisfaction, which the company value the most. San-Yang to offer only good and functional pieces.

Brand Values

High-end Living without the High Cost is the catch phrase for San-Yang Furniture. As a household item, this promise can be seen and tested on the flexibility of the furniture to be dressed up or dressed down; to be part of the bedroom or the sala; depending on the aesthetic or functional demand of the time.

 As a brand, San-Yang Furniture’s commitment is shown on its craftsmanship and affordability. Owning a San-Yang furniture will not cost you an arm nor a leg yet it gives beauty, quality and convenience at a price that makes you smile.
 Perhaps of all these years and more competitive in the market is its commitment to quality service, during and after sales. San-Yang Furniture personnel are always ready to assist the customer elegant beach-type sala set, normally made of solid wood with foam for the back and seat while arms are left naked; dining room – the classic simple curves, subtle yet appealing dining set which is perfectly versatile for any type of home interior ; bedroom – the clean-cut wooden bed frame, which was popular during the 90’s. From classic to modern, form simple to sophisticated, the brand definitely adheres to your need and taste. San-Yang perceives and understand s its consumers. Hence, you can expect.  Recently, the number of employees grew  tremendously due to the increasing demand of new store concessions. Training are consistent to give the best  service possible.

Things You Didn’t Know About San-Yang Furniture

  • If you have a knock-down furniture at home, there’s a huge chance it’s San-yang
  • Most of San-Yang’s products are made of particle board, also known as engineered wood; particle board is made of small pieces of wood particles (wood chips, shavings, and/or sawdust) and a synthetic resin; it is marketed as an eco-friendly wood, manufactured mainly in Thailand and Malaysia.
  • San-Yang stands for "there ocean"; it is a name depicting the three huge bodies of water bordering the Philippines: the name plotted the company's vision, which is to be available in the whole archipelago.